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Rocks around Bendigo - Castlemaine region

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Field trip areas: Harcourt


Mount Alexander, granodiorite quarry Harcourt_granodiorite.jpg (27759 bytes)
Mount Alexander, granodiorite quarry.  Two types of xenolith (xenolith and autolith) in granodiorite. Harcourt_xenolith.jpg (36035 bytes)
Calder Highway, Harcourt.  Basalt dyke in weathered granodiorite. Harcourt_bdyke.jpg (38331 bytes)



Littleton St, Castlemaine.  Anticline of radially jointed sanstones. Castlemaine_anticline.jpg (26670 bytes)
Unconformity between Ordovician turbidites and Tertiary White Hills Gravels.   Castlemaine_gravels.jpg (27801 bytes)



Railway St Chewton.  Anticline in shales showing strong, vertical axial planar cleavage. Chewton_anticline_70.jpg (29159 bytes)
Chewton_anticline_WW_bw.jpg (14008 bytes)
Railway St Chewton.  Hinge of steeply plunging syncline. Chewton_syncline.jpg (34011 bytes)
Railway St Chewton.  Faulted syncline. Chewton_syncline1.jpg (28614 bytes)
Railway St Chewton.  Reverse fault with numerous smaller splay faults Chewton_faults_70.jpg (33213 bytes)
Railway St Chewton.  Reverse fault and footwall spurs.   A drive from workings on the reef appears halfway up the cutting. Chewton_spurs_70.jpg (28712 bytes)



Guildford plateau during summer.   Flat basalt plateau, flow from bear Daylesford down the ancient Loddon River.  Mt Alexander (granodiorite) in the background.  White mine dumps are gravels from the "deep leads" - gravel that was buried by the basalt flow


Guildford_Plateau.jpg (30545 bytes)
Guildford plateau, spring.  The incised basalt to the left of the telephone pole is eroded by Campbell's Creek that flows from Castlemaine Guildford_a.jpg (37947 bytes)
The locality of "Basalt" - a place where there is no basalt, only Ordovician turbidites. Basalt_township.jpg (38352 bytes)
Mt Franklin, Quaternary cinder cone. Mt_Franklin_view_of.jpg (27351 bytes)
180 degree view inside the Mt Franklin crater Mt_Franklin_crater.jpg (33582 bytes)
Inside the Mt Franklin crater, looking south towards the breached rim where basalt has flowed as one of the last eruptive events - allowing road access. Mt_Franklin_inside.jpg (45716 bytes)
Rich basaltic soil on the flanks of Mt Franklin Mt_Franklin_soil.jpg (27597 bytes)
View west from Mt Franklin showing several scoria cones in the distance (cleared hills) and Ordovician turbidites in the middle part of the image (uncleared land) Mt_Franklin_view_W.jpg (26857 bytes)


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