Linex Pty Ltd



For the purposes of any due diligence conducted on Linex clients, this page lists debtors with unpaid invoices owing to Linex Pty Ltd.

Linex have worked for dozens of clients over almost 20 years and overall they have been excellent at paying their bills and fulfilling our agreements, even when project extensions have been agreed to verbally, as commonly the case in the rapidly changing exploration business.

The table below list the companies with significant debts owed to Linex.


"Kurundi Group" (Private company, may also be operating as MXGold).  The group include Kevin Dunnell, Alison Skeldon, Stevan (Steve) Addison, Angelo Falzon, Ray Hall, Rosie Pitts & Andrew Hoppe 2015-16 Kurundi, south of Tennant Creek, NT.  EL's 30040, 30205, 30468, 30664 & 31073.

Specifically they do not have permission to use and distribute and of the trilogy of reports written by Linex, namely:

  • Geological Report
  • Mineralisation and economic potential
  • Economic assessment